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Hawkeye Ep. 5 "Ronin" Spoiler-Free Review

It’s the episode before the finale!

Another brilliant episode of Hawkeye! This episode had the perfect balance of character development and action and I couldn’t be more grateful! I don't want this show to end!

In this episode, Florence Pugh stole the show as Yelena. Let me tell you, ever since the movie Black Widow, I KNEW she had to become a central part of the MCU, and she’s only further proven that in Hawkeye. I loved that we got some backstory on what led up to her first appearance on the show last episode. This show has done a fantastic job giving each character solid backstories while still balancing a good plot and great character development in current time. That may sound like the bare minimum, but it truly isn't as easy as it sounds, and Hawkeye makes it look easy!

YOU'RE RIGHT! *fist pump*

Florence Pugh's banter with Hailee Steinfield’s Kate Bishop is magnificent, and though I’m fully aware of the headcanon/canon that Yelena as a character is ace, I can’t help but ship these two in the MCU. They have such great chemistry!! Hailee Steinfield is far better at comedy than people give her credit for and Florence Pugh not only matches her talent for comedy but at times surpasses it. I truly believe that once this limited series ends, Yelena and Kate Bishop should be leading their own MCU series.

Me, waiting for Feige to green light a series with her and Kate leading it

Hailee Steinfield continues to shine as Kate Bishop. Kate receives some great character development this episode that isn't dependent on anyone else- not Clint, not her mother- her own growth is only dependent on her here, and I love that! She's truly growing into herself much like Hailee Steinfield is growing into herself as an actress in real life. I truly believe Kate Bishop could be one of the leaders of the MCU one day. You heard it first here!

She looks this good even all tired and beat up? Have mercy!

While this series makes Clint Barton far more interesting and likable than the past MCU films, he still comes second to Kate for me. Clint continues to try to be the lone wolf he believes he is but truly isn’t. There’s a conversation with his wife that really had my eyebrows raised; not necessarily in how Clint started it, but in how his wife finished it. Really psychologically fascinating to me; his own relationship with his wife really helps explain his own character. Furthermore, his mourning over Natasha's death that continues to happen this episode is... less than I expected.

I have to say, I think Clint has gotten the least character development on Hawkeye so far; however, if it leads to him retiring with his family at the end of this series and Kate Bishop taking over as Hawkeye full-time, I have no issue with it!

a puppy needs a family! Clint, pls don't do this dark side nonsense

If you’re a fan of Echo and wonder how they are still doing with her- they are giving her phenomenal action scenes and I am here for it!! The fighting style they have her using is refreshing and different; I wish I only knew more about different fighting styles to be able to speak to it!

Look, I know she's ~technically~ done things wrong in her life, but.. she's never done anything wrong, ever :)

There’s a great moment between Echo and another character that really sets the tone for Echo’s continued character development. I’m also still in awe of how brilliant the directing is with this series, in particular with how they portray Echo’s deafness and how she sees/hears the world. This is only the start of hopefully more great representation!

Finally, that plot twist at the end?? HOLY SHIEZ! We really are winning MCU stans, we really are winning! If you’re looking for even more vindication… catch up on Hawkeye, because you will NOT be disappointed! I gotta say, I was more surprised by the connection to a certain person than the reveal itself; based on a certain event that happens this episode, it's terribly ironic in the best way possible! I love the web this show is weaving!

What did YOU think of this episode? The MCU is putting the spotlight on the street heroes and I'm here for it. Who else do you hope to see soon? Come yell at me about it on Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBi!

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