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Hawkeye Ep. 4 Spoiler-Free Review!

Marvel is back again for a Hawkeye Wednesday! After last week's action-packed ep, I couldn't WAIT to get into this episode!

First note: Kate and Clint’s chemistry is still off the charts. While I believe this show is setting Kate up for bigger and better things and retiring Clint off to family life by the end of things... it's hard to imagine Kate without her father-daughter chemistry with Clint.

However... changes come and go in the MCU whether we like it or not, and.... Hailee Steinfield, the actress that plays Kate, can have chemistry with anyone. She's so good. So, here's to a bright future while savoring the fun now!

All that said: This ep centers much on Kate and Clint's bonding, solidifying their familial/friendly care for one another. Honestly, the vibes of this show are immaculate. Even with a mostly-character-driven episode like this, where dialogue can be heavy and action is limited... it still feels right. It still feels GOOD.

and look, we get more Lucky!! YESSSSSS!!

Furthermore, we see more with Kate, her mom Eleanor, and Eleanor's fiance Jack. There are some interesting moments where, while the facts don't change between the three of them, the vibes and interactions do, making a beautiful juxtaposition for one another. I can't say much more, but let's just say it's a beautiful and subtle way to give Kate some character development!

me whenever people say they miss Tony Stark

"Being good isn’t always enough to keep you alive”

There are some really heart-wrenching moments in this episode that continue to call back to Natasha Romanoff, much like the first episode did. You may be thinking "but why do I care? SHE BEEN DEAD!" Imma just say this.... If even I, someone who originally couldn't have cared less about the Black Widow movie this year, am crying in the club over some lines in this show, you will definitely be caring!

I mean, cmon dudes, HE cares! :(

If you don't care about them for her, you'll care about them for Clint. There's a bit more of a focus on Clint this episode, so fans that have felt like Kate is taking too much screen time (which, like, what, that's a bad thing??) will be pleased!

“Killing all these people isn't going to bring them back”

As the runtime of the ep was coming close, I'll be honest, I was getting a bit antsy. I needed some action! I need some fighting, let's go! Luckily, the action towards the end of the episode was perfectly timed and came in with a bang!

I'm a sucker for ziplines!! Kate Bishop, land on me challenge

When all is said and done, this episode is a must-watch! Whether you're here for the character development, the continuing plot, the little action at the end, or even the SURPRISE REVEAL AT THE END!! Stick around, because the moment is here folks! Someone finally shows up!!! I for one am hype as hell about them, so be sure to watch all the way to the end so you see who it is! (It's worth it- don't go spoiling yourself on sites beforehand okay???)

Hawkeye continues to be my favorite MCU show yet. It's got all the elements needed- great characters, great pacing, a plot that feels fresh but not over the top, and all the perfect familial elements to make it the perfect rewatchable holiday-themed show. I'm here for it till the end, and I'm slightly disappointed it's a one-season show. However, I know this is just the start of Kate Bishop. The Young Avengers are coming peeps!

New episodes of Hawkeye air on Disney Plus every Wednesday, with the last episode airing on December 22nd.

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