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Hawkeye Ep. 3 REVIEW!

Welcome back to another Wednesday AND another review of the latest Hawkeye episode! Are the characters still great? Do we get more action? Let's get into it with Lauren AND Joe!

Thoughts with Lauren:


This episode starts out focused on Echo and her backstory. I loved seeing how Echo lives; in silence and just trying to keep up with reading peoples’ lips. Not to say she isn’t intelligent, she’s far more intelligent than people think she is. Intelligent AND dangerous. Being deaf and having a “fake” foot doesn’t stop her from wiping the floor clean with other martial arts contenders or from running her own sh*t with the mobsters that captured Clint and Kate last episode.

Cut us all up, kid!

Clint and Kate

The action picks up immediately and it’s fantastic! Clint and Kate continue to balance off each other well and the mobsters continue to be amusing.

Through the action, we get to see not only how Kate does with a bow, but how many different kinds of arrows they are. Play-doh arrows? Explosive arrows? Plunger arrows? A MISSILE? You’ll have to see it to believe it! Hawkeye video game soon, anyone?

I like the plot we are beginning to see with Clint, his hearing aid, and whether or not he needs to/should use one. Echo is a nice character to start exploring this plot with! There are some heartbreaking moments that come up and I can’t help but tear up at how much Kate has to help Clint out as he tries to keep in touch with his family.

And now we know what ep this shot is from!! YESS!


Legally Required Kate Bishop Side-Bar

Also, did I mention how much I love Kate Bishop this review around? No?? Well, guess what??? I LOVE Kate Bishop!

Spare hand in marriage, ma'am, pls

Wrapping It Up

ANYWAYS! It’s a perfect cliffhanger by the end. Not too on the nose, but just the right mix of surprise and predictability.

Overall, this is my favorite episode of Hawkeye yet! Beautiful pacing, tons of action, and still many great character moments. This could become my favorite Marvel TV Show! What did you think of the episode? Come let me know on Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBi!

Thoughts with Joe:

Perfect Pacing

One thing I've particularly noticed in comics and comic adaptations over the past year is the importance of pacing, and I feel like this episode perfectly demonstrates that. It follows on from last episode's cliffhanger, and leaves an enticing cliffhanger to keep you coming back next week, but the episode itself is such a fun and satisfying watch. It's so important to me that it stands on its own like that rather than just feeling like ⅙ of a 6-hour movie, which can make for an unfulfilling week-to-week experience.

I mean no spoilers, but there was so much action and character packed into this one episode in equal measure, and at no point did it feel rushed or overcrowded or unbalanced, from Echo to the Tracksuits to Clint to Kate, just so good! Some very entertaining action sequences, man this episode was just so much fun! Considering the uniqueness of WandaVision and how out there that was, this feels like the perfect refreshing holiday treat to round out the year, loving the characters and the story and am very excited to see where it's all going to go!

You can find your Friendly Neighborhood Bi, Lauren, at all her links here:

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