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Galaxy: The Prettiest Star Review

This is a beautiful book, both artistically, thematically and story wise, from how it represents the trans experience, how he we see Galaxy on her journey throughout this story, and just some excellent, positive trans representation from two brilliant trans creators in Jadzia Axelrod and Jess Taylor, with great lettering by Ariana Maher.

This is only the second of these DC YA GNs I've read so far, but I'm definitely very excited to read more of them as I've loved both.

If you have read many of them, you may know that (at least as far as I know, and from what I've read) they're very character focused, with not so much superhero action (if any, like here there isn't any) that you might used to be seeing in lots of DC's other comics.

That said, there is conflict here, but again it's a very character focused and personal one. The inner conflict of Galaxy in accepting her true self, how the people around her react, from friends to family, and without spoiling anything how old relationships move on and new relationships come around because of what Galaxy feels and realises about herself.

Before I finish this review it can't be stated enough how gorgeous the art is here. For so much of the book it's so unique, and it's exploding with vibrancy. It's just simply so pretty, so sparkly, and like the story as well such a joy and a delight to soak in and experience.

I know how much this meant to trans comic readers I know when it first came out, so I would absolutely recommend it to any more trans readers wanting to see themselves represented, as well as any cis readers who through it can hopefully understand even just a little bit more of other peoples' experiences.

Absolutely recommend to anyone that's at all interested in really, and even if you don't think you are it might be worth a try!


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