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Fantastic Four Full Circle Review!

A gorgeous, entertaining and just honestly fun love letter to the classic Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four stories of the Silver Age.

I love the Fantastic Four, but still after years of collecting I haven't really read much of them, so I'm always eager to read more with them where I can, and this did not disappoint.

By the end of the story I realised that my favourite thing about this book, and those early stories in general, was the sheer creative whimsy of it all. At least back in the day, the writing and the characters may not have been perfect, but so many of the ideas felt bold, imaginative, and just have that exciting flair to them focusing on sci-fi and exploration, space or otherwise.

I think I love the FF so much because their best stories reflect what I love most about superhero comics. The powers, the character dynamics, the adventures, the villains, it's all just so, so fun to me and I absolutely love it.

Of course, you can't review this book without talking about the spectacular artwork it has. I haven't read any of Ross' interior artwork before, so I was curious what this would be like, and I really enjoyed it.

It was so realistic looking that it definitely had an element of "uncanny valley" to it, but I definitely appreciate the uniqueness in that, and the craft of his gorgeous painted style.

Especially here, I mean the colors were an absolute treat to soak in on many pages.

Bright, rich, vibrant, and again very clearly a tribute and love letter to Kirby, and such a well done one as well.

I wasn't sure how quick of a read it would be, considering the length of it, but I personally thought it was okay on that front. It wasn't a particularly quick read, especially once I spent time soaking in and appreciating each page.

This is all topped off by being a nice well made hardcover, which makes it that much easier to enjoy this, especially the artwork. If you're interested in this and want to check it out, and have some spare comic spending money to do so, I'd definitely recommend checking it out.


Have you read this? What did you think? Let me know over on Twitter at JoeLovesComics, where you can find (albeit shorter) thoughts on other comics I love.

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