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Everyday Hero Machine Boy Review!

A very charming, entertaining and just generally very delightful graphic novel, perfect for not only younger readers but anyone that's interested and just wants a good read.

This is apparently the first book released under the new "Skybound Comet" line, but with the age rating on the back (Ages 8+) it's apparent what the target audience for the new line is, and I love that idea. Getting more younger readers into comics can only be a good thing, and I'mreally glad to see new book and new line helping to work towards that here.

At it's heart, this book is just so fun, but it also has some genuinely emotional and heartfelt moments. Depending on how susceptible you are to that sort of thing, it's easy to imagine readers of any age getting invested in the twists and turns of the story, as well as Machine Boy himself and the characters around him that get introduced.

The art is great, that more animated style perfect for this sort of thing, with nice vibrant rich colors at times, and such expressive characters, which is always so nice to see.

Overall this is a very enjoyable and well told comic book story, one which I'd highly recommend for anyone that has kids around the age mentioned above (it felt like a relatively tame book, but it's of course up to you) and wants to get them into comics, or anyone at all in general that is interested in trying this out.


Have you read this? What did you think? Let me know over on Twitter at JoeLovesComics, where you can find (albeit shorter) thoughts on other comics I love.

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