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DSTLRY, the next-generation publisher redefining creator-owned comic books and collectibles, announced “Mominu,” the company’s premiere 5-inch collectible designer art toy designed by legendary artist and DSTLRY Founding Creator Junko Mizuno. Mizuno’s first take on Mominu, which has the art toy holding DSTLRY’s iconic letter “D” monogram, will have a limited 500 unit run. Future releases will see Mizuno and other DSTLRY artists designing Mominu colorways.

The Devil’s Cut Colorway

Mominu’s debut design is inspired by The Devil’s Cut, DSTLRY’s first print and digital release, featuring 11 stories from the publisher’s Founding Creators and friends, set to release internationally on August 30, 2023. To celebrate the debut of Mominu, Mizuno created a special 1-in-100 FOC variant cover for The Devil’s Cut. Stores that are eligible for the cover will also unlock the ability to buy the Mominu art toy. All toy orders will be allocated to meet demand. Fans wanting Mominu should contact their local comic book store. Both Lunar Distribution and Diamond Comic Distributors will have allocations of the debut art toy.

Wraparound 1-in-100 variant cover by Junko Mizuno *Not Final Trade Dress*

The shape of the figure is based on a red panda with its colorway inspired by The Devil’s Cut, evoking imagery of both Western and Japanese devils and demons.

“Mominu fits the concept of DSTLRY perfectly—edgy and fierce, but sometimes sweet,” said Mominu’s designer and DSTLRY Founding Creator, Junko Mizuno. “It was very exciting and challenging to design my first-ever original shape other artists will interpret. I can’t wait to see what other artists do with Mominu!”

Mominu’s inaugural run features only 500 of The Devil’s Cut colorway collectibles, with a 1-in-5 variant colorway. DSTLRY looks forward to releasing additional artists’ colorways of Mominu in the future.

For more information on Mominu, future DSTLRY collectibles, and to sign up for news regarding the publisher’s upcoming drops, visit and follow the publisher on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok via @DSTLRY_Media.

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