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Did The Blue Flame get me the second time around?

An advanced review of The Blue Flame #2

Possible spoilers for issue 1, but NO spoilers for issue 2!

If you remember, I reviewed The Blue Flame #1 a while ago! If you missed it, you can check it out here first:

When I read the first issue of this vibrant series, I was sold on the art and the plot in space with The Blue Flame himself. However, I was less sold on the plot on Earth, with all the other human characters, and how it tied into what The Blue Flame was up to in space. Despite me giving it a lower rating, I still enjoyed the first issue and many of the seeds it planted, so I wanted to give issue 2 a shot to see if it got any better for me!

So, did it get any better? If so, did it get to where I wanted it to?

Yes, it gets better for me! We spend so much more time with The Blue Flame in space during this issue, and because of that, we see how it ties into what’s happening on Earth! We also see an overarching theme between the two seemingly separate plots come in to help unite them into one overall plot. For me, it makes all the difference. In issue 1, what was happening on Earth vs what was happening in space weren’t going together- I didn’t understand why I was reading two separate stories in one story, but now I’m starting to get it, which is so nice!

Unfortunately, I still think the “Earth” side of the overall plot is too weak. The pathos surrounding the cliffhanger with the shooting the last issue definitely helps strengthen it and why it’s a necessary side of the story to tell, but I still don’t really care about those other characters on Earth yet. I care about what’s happening with The Blue Flame in space! I care why he’s on trial for all of humanity! I’m not sure what’s missing for me with these other characters on Earth, because I can tell the writer and artist are trying to get me to empathize, or at least sympathize, with these characters, and while I do as a general human being, I’m not invested in them. I’m one of those readers who is a character whore- I LOVE getting invested in characters. And for me, if that element is missing or not fully embraced throughout the entire story, I struggle to get hooked.

That said, the plot with The Blue Flame in space and why he is on trial is SO. GOOD, as is the overarching theme they are building up! It’s so nice to see them connect the dots between what's happening in space vs what’s happening on Earth. This is why I’m so conflicted; I want to see more of this side of the plot but I NEED to be invested in other characters to care about the Earth stuff, and while we see the seeds planted in this issue towards creating empathy towards these characters, it’s not there yet. And yet, as I said, this issue definitely starts making more connections, which makes me more invested in the overarching theme focused on humanity as a whole, and it’s very possible these connections will only continue to grow! Gah. Screw it, I’m invested in this book now. I’m thinking so much about this!

The art for this series has always been the best part of each issue for me; it continues to be vibrant and outstanding and has the perfect superhero vibes for this book. The inks are great and the colors! Yes, colors!

Overall Consensus

As a whole, I enjoyed this issue MUCH better than the last issue because of the connecting webs being woven and more time focused on what’s happening with The Blue Flame directly in space! I think they are starting to find that magic balance between what’s happening on Earth versus what’s happening in space- it’s not completely there, but now I feel much more confident that it’s going to get there! I’m so glad to see connections being created effectively and I definitely will need to pick up the third issue now! Y’all got me rooting for this C-list superhero I barely know- absolutely worth giving the second issue a shot!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi gives this:

3.5 out of 5 finger guns

(because I’m bi)

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