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After failing to find the American Dream in San Francisco, a wayward young couple from the UK run afoul of the Triads in an ill-conceived money-laundering scheme.

Connor O’Sullivan is a hapless limo driver trying to provide a better life for his girlfriend, Blythe. They came to San Francisco seeking the American Dream, but a year later they are strapped for cash and their prospects are slim. Desperate to change their fate, Connor resumes the money-laundering activities from his recently-deceased customer. Despite drawing attention from the FBI, success comes quickly and the life Connor and Blythe have always wanted seems within reach. However, Connor places his trust in the wrong person and is manipulated into a dangerous scam. Now he’s running for his life from the Triads and only Blythe and the FBI can save him. This Tarantinoesque tale culminates with a classic double-cross and a violent climax that can’t be missed!

WRITER – Rob MacKinnon (Deborah Daring)

ARTIST – Luca Casalanguida (James Bond, Lost Soldiers)

VARIANT COVER ARTIST – Victor Santos (Polar)

COLORS – Natalia Nesterenko (The Last Witch, Fathom)

LETTERS – Joel Rodriguez (Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell, Deathrage)

EDITOR – Andrea Lorenzo Molinari (The Shepherd)

From the author: "Dancing With the Dragon is an anti-hero story for people who like to root for the underdog and love a good romance. While serving as a cautionary tale about getting involved with organized crime, it also provides hope that we all have the power to change our fate. This story also pays tribute to the old adage that behind every great man is an even greater woman!”

From the cover artist: "Dancing With The Dragon has the better parts of Takeshi Kitano's yakuza films and the Heroic Bloodshed genre of Hong Kong cinema. Damn good writing and even better art. It's a book you need to read!"

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