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Standing bloody over a ruined city, the Ultramega are all that stands between earth and an alien virus that has decimated countless worlds. James Harren (script and art), Dave Stewart (colors), and Rus Wooton (letters) introduce us to a world where a cosmic plague indiscriminately transforms citizens into monstrous kaiju. Three individuals are given the power to detect infected humans and defeat the awakened beasts.

More than just an origin story or a quick tease of what is to come, Ultramega #1 delivers a full story arc in its initial 60-page issue. And it is exquisitely bloody. While intentional in its nods to kyodai hero shows such as Ultraman (just look at the name) or the Power Rangers, Ultramega is not meant for Saturday morning TV and delivers some truly horrifying pages.

Readers follow Jason, one of the chosen recipients of the Ultramega power, as he navigates life as a very human savior of humanity who is always on call. Physical and emotional wounds are on display in pages packed with action, humor, and horror. James Harren, in the afterword, says he wants the book to feel like it was “made by nerds swinging for the fences.” Issues #2 and #3 are solicited at 44 pages, promising deep dives into this cosmic battle.

Time to get your Ultra Mega Beam ready and hop on for what is already one heck of a ride.

Ultramega #2 (Diamond Code FEB210217) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, April 21.

James Sinor is a connoisseur of fine comics and games

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