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Catch up on Legends of Tomorrow!

A review of episodes 7 and 8 of Legends of Tomorrow! Spoilers ahead!

I have been hella slacking off on writing reviews for Legends of Tomorrow and that’s just not very friendly of me to do, so I decided to write a catch-up recap of the last few episodes before Episode 8 of Season 6 airs this Sunday! (and thank god it does, because last week we didn’t have a new episode at all and that was very sad)

The last episode I reviewed of the current season was 6x06- check it out _____ before you keep reading here!

That means I have two episodes to catch up on: the 7th and 8th ones!

Oh folks, let me tell you, the 7th episode was a biggie because…


Yes MAAMs, SIRs, and PEEPLERZ, we got her back! Of course, not before Behrad and most

This is a Sara Lance safe zone, always!

of the other Legends tried to go back in time to stop her from ever being kidnapped first, not before seeing Ava mourn Sara’s death (yup, it was an actual death, here we go again), and definitely not before Sara became cloned and mixed with alien DNA! Ya know.. Legends shenanigans, right??? Honestly, Legends has taught me one really important thing: no matter what form a person takes, if it is truly them in terms of their personality and thought processes, that will always be that person, and that’s all that matters. No matter what, Sara Lance is always going to be Sara Lance, even though now she’s a clone of her original self and an alien with regeneration abilities. It’s the same thing we already knew but presented at a different level. Remember when we first learned Ava was a clone in season 3 and we all still loved her regardless and still believed she was her own person? Same thing applies here. Sara Lance will always be Sara Lance, no matter how many times you kill her or how many times you try to change her. You will NEVER change her at her foundation and that’s the beauty of her growth as a character.

boss bitch? I think you mean PTA mom! smfh :)

There was a ton of action in the 7th episode, but all that matters is that Sara DID escape the alien planet and make it back to the Waverider. Peeps, we were blessed here, because the first person she sees when she is back is Ava. She finds Ava in their bedroom (yes, THEIR, I’m crying) breaking down over the fact that the video of Sara saying she was going to propose the night she was kidnapped is no longer working. As Sara walks in, she breathily calls out “Ava?”.... And Ava can’t believe it’s her. Ava is so scared that she’s hallucinating Sara’s presence that she refuses to turn around, and Sara comes up behind her and gently puts a piece of Ava’s hair behind her ear as Ava gasps. Sara is really there and, y’all I SOBBED when Ava finally turned around and hugged Sara. Their reunion was everything I wanted and seeing them cuddling a few seconds later only added to my frantic screeching. My goodness. We love a wholesome couple. After that, Sara and Ava go back and find the rest of the team (along with Mick and Gary) and it is soooo wonderful and cute to see all the Legends freak out over Sara being alive. It really is like Sara is 1 of the two moms of these crazy kids, because not only do we see Sara being tackle-hugged by all her “kids”, but we see Ava watching joyously like “god bless, our babies have their other mom back”.

I’m trying to hold back my grin as I recount all this, because the joy didn’t stop here- the

Former Assassin? I only see softie!

moment finally happened! IT HAPPENED! Sara Lance, former assassin and former tragedy, herself proposed to Ava, and Ava said yes! It was the cutest damn thing and I can’t stop smiling at the fact that Sara Lance has come this far. Not only has she realized she deserves happiness and can find it, but she is choosing it for herself. Not only is Sara Lance now engaged to the love of her life, but she did the actual proposal herself. My god. If you’ve followed Sara since Arrow then you REALLY know how big a deal this is for her character. Gah. It's poetry.

Hang this moment in a musuem!

So, that was episode 7, and the episode where the fandom was the loudest it’s been since season 3- reasonably so! With episode 8, we got back to typical Legends goofiness- and it worked farrrr better than many of the previous episodes of this current season. Part of it is because they go back to the Wild Wild West (how can you go wrong with that, after all?) and… yup, you guessed it, Sara is back with the team. It really is crazy how important Sara Lance is to this show and making it work. Sara Lance may not be your favorite character, and that’s totally okay, but she is the one character that cannot ever leave this show as long as it runs. It does not and can not work without her at this point.

How many gays do you count here? 1, 2! Right?

In the Wild Wild West, we get to see Astra and Spooner bond, which is something I actually didn’t expect, but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before! They are both incredibly stubborn characters that need some growth and it’s great to see them help each other out with that. We also see siblings Behrad and Zari Tarazi bicker which is hilarious, and we see Constantine and Gary bicker as per usual. The two real kickers for me though? Nate’s moment and Sara and Ava’s continued dynamic. I absolutely loved seeing Nate have his own moment to boast his own feelings and vent; it was nice to see Nate actually be Nate without drooling over all the single women for once. I want to see MORE of Nate having great moments like this.

With Sara and Ava, I loved seeing them bicker about their struggles with adjusting to Sara’s new ability to regenerate and, well, just being part alien now. The writers on Legends of Tomorrow do such a great job at writing a romantic couple that we never worry will break up again, but isn’t boring- they still have conflicts and will bicker, argue, and maybe even fight at some point, but we know they will work it out. It’s a process- it’s a REAL. PROCESS. It’s a real relationship and I love that. One of my favorite moments was when Ava exclaimed “what is with the cherries???’ and Sara just goes “I don’t know!” and pops another cherry in her mouth. It’s utterly hilarious because realistically, not all fights have a “side” to be on- there are just things that have to be worked through. Additionally, I was thrilled to see Jes Macallan’s (actress who plays Ava) partner play the villain in this episode and go head to head with her on-screen love interest, Sara. It’s crazy silliness like this that you cannot find on any other show!

Jes Macallan deserves more credit for the physicality she brings to her comedic acting

Overall, I absolutely LOVED the last two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow and I’m so happy to see them “back on track”. If you recall, most of the earlier episodes of this season weren’t great to me, but I held on and I’m glad I did. Even when Legends of Tomorrow slips, they always come back. A Legend Never Truly Dies and I love being reminded of this.

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