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Canto II: The Hollow Men Review!

If you like comics such as Bone, Twig, and Kaya, you might also enjoy Canto. This was another great, solid fun volume, building off the first one and further towards an exciting confrontation coming soon.

If you read my review of the first volume, "If I Only Had a Heart" you may remember I enjoyed it, but found it somewhat underwhelming. I loved the ideas of Canto and his clock people, the imagination of some of the world-building, the art, and the themes and messages within, but the story itself felt a bit generic. That seemed to be part of the idea, based on how it's subverted at the end, and to be fair I enjoyed and appreciated that, but I digress.

With this second volume though I enjoyed it more, I'm pleased to say. I liked the introduction of more characters on the journey for Canto to interact with, it was fun to see their dynamics, and it added to the emotional weight and stakes of the story seeing more of his clock people and their relationships.

The idea of the story itself was great, I thought it was a nice way to build off the ending of the first volume, and I loved the "Hollow Men" theme running through (as seen in the subtitle for this volume) and the different meanings that phrase took on throughout. I thought that in particular was neat and well done.

Like in the first volume the art was just as great. To roughly repeat what I said in that review, I love the animated but somewhat rough feel of the art. It gives it that medieval, mechanical type feel that's really fitting with Canto, his people, this world and the stories in general.

Finally the Clockwork Fairies one-shot that kicked off this volume was also a fun, solid read.

Both volumes (at least, I'm sure vol. 3 and beyond is great too but I haven't read further yet) are worth a try if you haven't already, and I'm excited to read more when I get a chance!


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