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Advance Reviews by JoeLovesComics | 4th August

Curious to know what some of the new Image/Boom! issues releasing this week are like? Look no further than the latest edition of this segment!


The issues covered this week are:

  • Basilisk #3

  • Commanders in Crisis #11

  • Seven Secrets #11

  • Stillwater #9

  • The Me You Love in the Dark #1

  • Trover Saves the Universe #1

All reviews will be spoiler free.


Basilisk #3

This has been a very intriguing series. From the gorgeously painted first few pages opening every issue (before shifting to a more traditional art style for the main story) the book has a sinister and eerie tone to it. I like the way the opening in particular gets you back into that mood and sets that atomsphere again when you go to read the new issue. It's because of that I think this will read really nicely when all collected eventually.

There were some really disturbing themes set up in this issue, just the sort of things you read the dialogue and almost gave me chills. Like just the coldness of the whole situation, the Chimera are leaving a trail of death and destruction as they get closer and closer to colliding with Regan and Hannah. The art is solid, and it's definitely a good read, but it feels like not a lot has happened in the past few issues, and looking at the solicit for #4, it will be nice to finally see the confrontation.

Commanders in Crisis #11

Well, here we are, at the penultimate issue of Commanders in Crisis. It's been a really fun ride and the climatic action continues into this issue. Honestly I've said it a few times when talking about this series, it's just been so refreshing. There's so many superhero comics out these days, whilst there are many great ones, most people would consider trying to jump into reading Marvel and/or DC a daunting mess.

But this series has just had everything people like about those books distilled into one new superhero book. It's been exciting, action packed, with lots of superhero drama as well as emotional drama as well. Twists and turns and lots of sci-fi superhero craziness. Some people might find it over the top at times, but sometimes that's just what I'm in the mood for. Another bright, bold and nicely executed issue, really excited to see how it all wraps up next issue, and hope it's not the last we see of these characters.

Seven Secrets #11

"OH! I see. Okay then. That is certainly one way to end the issue"

Never underestimate Tom Taylor's power to surprise you, I'll say that much. Obviously no spoilers here, but whilst I did suspect something would happen with [redacted for spoilers] I really didn't expect what happened, that's for sure.

In general, this was another great issue. The series is moving along at a nice pace as we head towards the ending of this second arc. The art by Daniele Di Nicuolo continues to be spectacular, so animated and dynamic it really makes the series something special. I'm really liking all the different characters, there's a lot going on but all the core themes and ideas are still present in the issue. But yeah, that ending should make for a very interesting conclusion to this second arc.

Stillwater #9

There's a certain inescapable allure to this series. With #8 taking a moment to focus on the backstory of Sheriff Tanya, this issue picks up right where #7 left off. What I love about this series is that there always seems to be a perfect balance of world building and character exploration.

It's a horror series, but at times it doesn't exactly feel like one. For example in Something is Killing the Children, there's literally children being ripped apart in just the first issue. Stillwater is much more subtle than that. A book about the horrors of human nature and all that is nothing new, but explored in the setting of the town where no-one ages leads to some really disturbing implications. Implications that you don't think of on your own, but they come up in the book and you just have to take a moment as it sinks in how horrifying it really sounds. There's a letter in the back about someone not liking the current militia based storyline, which is completely fair, but the ending of this issue genuinely has me very intrigued for where this series is going to go next.

The Me You Love in the Dark #1

Hauntingly beautiful.

That's the phrase that came into my mind when I thought about what I wanted to say about this book. There is something mesmerising about that cover, the composition, the contrast between the white font and the dark of the main character's clothes. I love the shades of the sky and how the house stands out against it.

The blank canvas, the wine, the shadow creeping onto the canvas, it's all present on the cover and key in the issue. The main character Ro, moves into a supposedly haunted house for inspiration for her next painting. It's an issue about the lack of inspiration, having success but then having to make something even better. It feels almost like a very intimate reading experience, watching Ro struggle in this large house, talking to herself and not getting anywhere. Then with the ending, there's a danger this could fall into familliar tropes and become generic, but if done right this series could be a very powerful read.

Trover Saves the Universe #1

I hadn't heard this was a thing until I saw it in the advance pdf folder for this week, but I'm glad I checked it out. If you don't like Rick and Morty, this is the same level of over the top as that so might be offputting, but personally I liked it. I've never played the game (or even heard of it until this) so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but this was a lot of fun.

I feel like Tess Stone did a great job of distilling the Justin Roiland style humour into a comic book. It had compelling characters, wild action scenes, entertaining meta moments, not at all subtle social commentary (not a bad thing but just to mention) as well as really bright bold cartoonish art. It's obviously not going to be the best thing you've ever read, but if you're just looking for a wild, crazy over the top read that's lots of fun definitely worth giving this a shot.


This article was written by JoeLovesComics, who you can follow over on Twitter for (albeit shorter) thoughts on comics he loves.

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