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Advance Reviews by JoeLovesComics | 3rd November

Curious to know what some of the new Image issues releasing this week are like? Look no further than the latest edition of this segment.


The issues covered this week are:

  • A Thing Called Truth #1

  • Crossover #9

  • Frontiersman #2

  • The Me You Love in the Dark #4

  • Radiant Black #9

All reviews will be spoiler free.


A Thing Called Truth #1

This was a lot of fun. If you've got a light week this week, and you want to grab something fun that maybe you've only just heard of, definitely check this out. This comic does a lot of things right for me. I mean first of all, that cover instantly intrigued me and stood out when I was looking at this week's books. The white of her labcoat against the orange of the car, all with her in front of the yellow logo in the background and just the yellow trade dress in general really stands out. Feels almost cinematic to look at like it's a movie poster.

Obviously a book you've been excited for for months finally coming out is a great feeling, but it's also exciting to just launch into something without knowing anything about it. But this got me invested in the main character, intrigued by the story and I'm definitely excited now to see where this is going to go. A lot of fun give it a read.

Crossover #9

Despite any of my thoughts about the previous issues of this series, this was definitely one of the better ones. I've liked the story idea of comic book creators being hunted and killed in this new world ever since it was teased at the beginning of issue 2, and I'm so glad we're finally getting to that. I loved how Zdarsky used that idea in issue 7, with great art by Phil Hester, and then last issue felt like a weird half issue. But this was definitely a step in the right direction. Without spoiling who they are just in case you're not caught up, I loved how in this issue they played with the tropes of the book these two characters come from, and how Ellie interacts with them. I thought that was neat, and the issue brought some intriguing mysteries that seem obvious now but I hadn't really thought about before, especially after the final page to issue 6.

Overall, this was a solid issue. I loved the art as always, always looks really nice, some interesting developments and that final page has me excited for more.

Frontiersman #2

Having read this a couple days ago my first thought was that it was just okay. Looking through it again, the art is really something alone, but it made me realise there wasn't anything particulary memorable about this issue.

Honestly with the story, the thing I liked most about it is also the thing that made me want a bit more from it. It's in the solicitation so I don't think it's a spoiler to say, but this issue was mostly a brawl between Frontiersman and an old cosmic foe of his.

Now, on the one hand, I like the whole "out of retirement" idea, the idea that this old hero already has established foes returning and people plotting against him. It feels fresh in comparison to something at the moment like Radiant Black, which I love and is taking that idea of showing the hero from the very beginning. But then on the other hand, whilst having that history already established is cool to see, it gives me no connection to them and it's more difficult to be invested in their conflict in this issue. Like I'm obviously not saying you can't be invested in the conflict between Spider-Man and Doc Ock unless you've read all their history back to Doc Ock's first appearance, but I just needed something a bit more from this issue.

That said, the art is super nice. Everything seems to have a clear outline which I love. It just makes it look clean and crisp especially with such great colours. Then that cover is absolutely insane, I adore it.

The Me You Love in the Dark #4

This was another hauntingly beautiful read. I mentioned at the end of my review of issue 1 that this could potentially fall into familiar tropes with these sorts of stories, while I think it has in this case I don't really think that's necessarily a bad thing.

This will read incredibly well in an eventual trade because each issue has masterfully created such a compelling atmosphere, and this issue was no exception. The art style is just perfect for displaying any mood that the scene requires, smooth and animated yet detailed, with magnificent colours that excellently convey the feeling of a dark, cosy but spooky feeling room lit up entirely by the faint orange glow of candles. In the dark though it's not just simply dark, the coldness is there, the emptiness, that's all compared to the bright and sunny blue and green lushness of the outside, making inside the house feel that much more claustrophobic. Especially with that ending, that final page was chilling, easily one of my favourite series of the year and intrigued to see how it wraps up next issue.

Radiant Black #9

I'm a sucker for domestic scenes in superhero comic books, as when done well it can make me so much more invested and attached to the characters. Saying that, this was easily my favourite issue of the run so far, probably tied with #4. Which feels right, as it's effectively a follow up to that issue. #5 was the aftermath, #6 was the origin of Radiant Red, and the past couple issues have been dealing with the ending of the first arc with #5.

This was just an extremely excellently well done character focused issue. In the letters page at the back they say that the ending of #4 was never about the shock value, it was about how Marshall moves on, with these new superpowers and what he does next. Including how much he cares for his best friend. The art was great as always, just the way the issue was done with so much emotion, and heart, and I absolutely love the ending and how that sets up the next issue. This has consistently been such a fun, superpowered read every month with lots of character and heart, you should definitely check it out if you haven't already.


This article was written by JoeLovesComics, who you can follow over on Twitter for (albeit shorter) thoughts on comics he loves.

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