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Advance Reviews by JoeLovesComics | 1st September

Curious to know what some of the new Image/Boom! issues releasing this week are like? Look no further than the latest edition of this segment!


The issues covered this week are:

  • Commanders in Crisis #12

  • Basilisk #4

  • Spawn #321

  • Mirka Andolfo's Sweet Paprika #2

  • Undiscovered Country #15

All reviews will be spoiler free.


Commanders in Crisis #12

Well it's been a fun year. But like all good things this must come to an end with a satisfying #12. The last issue contained all the fighting and with the way it ended I was expecting this to be a chill final issue wrapping up the main story thread and that's what it was. The Crisis Command help save the world once and for all but not necessarily in the way you would expect.

In an era when some people are burnt out on superhero comics from the big two, this has been such a fresh, exciting ride that I think will be lots of fun to read all in one go. No prior reading needed, just a book where you can jump straight in and enjoy the ride. I know some people dropped off because they thought it was too over the top and that's fair, but I think that was part of the enjoyment for me. I love a good solid grounded story as much as the next person, but sometimes you just want bright bold superhero fun and that's what this series was to me. I hope one day we get to return to this world and these characters, but I'm happy and satisfied with the way this story ended.

Basilisk #4

What I love about comic covers is what they can often convey with just a still image. Take this one, for example, I can feel the peacefulness eminating off it, the crows squawking in the distance as the sun sets, some nice colours on this cover. But anyway, the issue itself.

With last issue I was starting to get a bit weary with this series, a big confrontation was being built up and I'm so glad we finally get to see it in this issue. It was just exactly what I expected, lots of action, lots of awesome artwork. I have really loved the constant flashback pages at the beginning of each issue, that different art style for those pages continues to be so atmospheric, effective and just awesome. There's some shakeups and some teases for what is to come next, it's a solid issue.

I can't see it explicitly stated anywhere but this feels like the end of the arc? Plus there's no #5 solicited yet, no trade solicited that would give something like that away. But I guess we'll wait and see for #5 to show up in the solicits.

Spawn #321

Björn Barends' covers for Spawn have been nothing short of awesome. But what I noticed this time in particular, the advance pdf was quite high quality (compared to other issues I read) so every detail in that cover could be appreciated. I mean wow, wow. So realistic, so much detail just incredible, especially on a costume like Medieval Spawn here that's quite intricate.

Speaking of Medieval Spawn, without spoiling anything really interested in what's happening with him as explored in the back of this book. I don't really have much to say about this issue in general really. It was just another really solid issue of Spawn, I like the way it's moving along, there was a nice ending that made me excited for the next issue and as always loved the Carlo Barberi artwork. Back in King Spawn #1, I appreciated the darker and almost rougher style for the story, but I also love how Barberi's artwork is suited to embracing the fantastical elements of Spawn. With the reds of his cape, the greens of his eyes, some awesome work by the colourist Jay David Ramos. Just yeah solid work all round another good issue.

Mirka Andolfo's Sweet Paprika #2

When I opened the advance pdf of #1 and gave it a chance I had no idea if I would like it, but I did and honestly that continues into this issue. With some somewhat dark and heavy reads this week this was just a breath of fresh air. It's bright, it's vibrant, it's colourful, just in general great work by colourist Simon Tessuto.

There's something so aesthetically pleasing about Andolfo's artwork, it's very smooth and satisfying and almost relaxing to just soak into and enjoy the book. It's very dynamic and the style is so animated that it almost reads like a cartoon on paper, it's lots of fun. It's definitely very chaotic and at times over the top and exaggerated so it may not be for everyone, it has some explicit content so again just be wary of that if you try to avoid that sort of thing.

Yeah that's about it, glad to say I'm really liking this one, check it out if you fancy a fun refreshing read.

Undiscovered Country #15

I really liked the past issue and the look at the American superhero, I thought that was a neat idea nicely done. Unfortunately though I wasn't really feeling this issue. I thought it was again an interesting idea and I could see what they doing but it just didn't do anything for me personally. I wondered though if that was because I'm British and don't have any particular attachment to, well you'll see if you read the issue. Also I'm not sure what it is but the art as well felt slightly off in this issue. Maybe it was rushed a bit or I don't know, it just didn't feel quite right.

But onto some positives, first of all that cover is dope. I said in my review of Basilisk #4 I love when comic covers make me feel something despite being just still images. I can feel the energy and the music and the lights coming off this, I love it. I like how this series puts backstory for it's characters into this issue, there was some nice backstory on a particular character here and in general liked the ending, should hopefully make for an interesting next couple of issues. I think overall I've liked the idea of Possibility the most. Destiny and Unity felt very clean cut in their archetypes, aesthetic and general feel, but naturally Possibility feels very open and invigorating and freeing. But I imagine that's the idea, that does sound like possibility after all.


This article was written by JoeLovesComics, who you can follow over on Twitter for (albeit shorter) thoughts on comics he loves.

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