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Advance Reviews by JoeLovesComics | 14th July

Curious to know what some of the new Image/Boom! issues releasing tommorow are like? Look no further than the latest installment of this segment!


The issues covered this week are:

  • A Man Among Ye #5

  • The Silver Coin #4

  • Haha #6

  • Man-Eaters: The Cursed #1

  • The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #2

  • Seven Secrets #10

All reviews will be spoiler free.

Honestly before I get into it, I just want to say how perfectly these issues this week capture the spirit of indie comics. By which I mean every one of those issues is unique in it's own way and provides a completely different reading experience. Adventurous, creepy, existential, action packed it's all there. And those are only the ones I read!


A Man Among Ye #5

Stephanie Phillips is one of those writers I've started noticing more and more recently, especially with the Nuclear Family mini series with Tony Shasteen and the current Harley Quinn series with Riley Rossmo. So despite not having read the first arc I was excited to jump into this and see what it was like.

Honestly, I liked it! As a new reader, I quickly found the characters compelling, and didn't feel lost at all. Not a huge amount happened, but it was a nice way to ease (back) into the series. Towards the back half of the issue things started to kick off, and that ending got me excited for the next issue which is sure to be more action packed.

Something I did want to mention, is how I loved the colouring by John Kalisz. Especially with the reds on clothes, made them look so soft and velvety. Just in general liked the art by Josh George, thought it fit the book and the pirate theme well. Last but not least, the lettering by Troy Peteri looked like a bit more of a rougher font than most lettering, which just immersed you in that pirate theme even more.

The Silver Coin #4

Now from a few hundred years in the past, to four hundred years in the future: the latest installment of The Silver Coin!

First of all, love the way that cover absolutely nails the "futuristic incredibly awesomely creepy" vibe they were presumably going for. As for the issue itself I'm torn. As a general comic issue itself, I liked it. It was a solid futuristic sci-fi with some of the tropes you would expect, with a horror tinge this series has been providing. But I wasn't quite sure how the coin itself was involved. Maybe that's just me and I'm missing something, but yeah other than that this was cool.

Jeff Lemire has written some wild stuff, and this was no different. Michael Walsh again bringing that sinister and unnerving vibe through the great art and lettering (again, font is everything and it really fit the story) to make another great horror tinged issue, even if I was slightly unclear on how the coin itself factored in.

Haha #6

Ohhh boy. Speaking of horror tinged series, what can I say about this one.

This was... an interesting issue. I mean that in the best way possible. This had the same impact as the previous issues in the series.

Deep, thought provoking existential depression. But again nothing new if you've been reading this series.

So, should probably talk about that cover. Love the homage to Ice Cream Man #1. I thought the link to Ice Cream Man #8 and the use of the character again was well done. Weirdly starting to read the issue I noticed similarities to something else, so was surprised when they did end up linking them. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you read the issue yourself. It was very surreal and made me take a step back from reading the issue for a moment, but frankly that was probably the point? To feel uncomfortable and weird about that. I certainly wouldn't put it past them. But yeah, just in general great work by the whole ICM team on this final issue of Haha.

Man-Eaters: The Cursed #1

This was, naturally, completely different and what I needed after Haha #6. It was the start of a sequel series, but appeared to be it's so independent story with the same character (just grown up more) so I was able to get into it just fine.

It was the sort of book that seems relatively simple and peaceful for most of it, where you're willing to be along for the ride but curious what's actually going to happen. Then you get to the end where something for sure does happen, and man I'm now desperate for the next issue.

This issue was just set up, but I am intrigued and excited to see what is going to happen next. Despite that, it did feel like a very worthwhile read, thanks to all the supplemental content. I know it's not for everyone and takes some people out of the story, but I think it just adds to the atmosphere and actually immerses you in the book more. The art had an animated feel especially with the bright colouring which I love in books, all round definitely a solid issue and an intriguing set up for more!

The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #2

As I mentioned in the intro, every one of these books on this list provides something different.

This is just straight up action packed comic fun.

The idea of a beloved celebrity being a horrible person off camera is nothing new, but the way it's done here is so brilliant. The dynamic shown between the sidekicks, the flashbacks showing what a horrible person Trigger was to each of them, just in general everything in this comic is brilliant and such an enjoyable read.

This could easily be a great show or movie, the art is so dynamic, with everything from the car chase in this issue to the sidekicks talking. Definitely worth a try if you can find issue 1 as well.

Seven Secrets #10

Soooo, that ending to the last issue, huh. That happened. There isn't much time spent on that reveal, but definitely continues to ask more questions, and just generally makes for another intriguing mystery to add into this brilliant series.

For most of the issue it was very action packed, from the fallout of the first arc and the last few issues the Order has a plan. As the cover would suggest, this issue focused on Eva and Caspar working with the Queen. It was good to see her again and just generally loved the progression of the storyline in this issue. Then the ending... yeah another very interesting ending. The sort of ending that implies something without explicity stating it. Yeah, another big ending. As always the artwork was spectacular, the anime art style continuing to look so good, so dynamic and vibrant and simply brilliant. Another awesome issue in an all round excellent series.


This article was written by JoeLovesComics, who you can follow over on Twitter for (albeit shorter) thoughts on comics he loves.

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