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Advance Review: Second Chances #3

I can’t say enough how important phenomenal character exploration, development, and depth are to me. But maybe, just maybe, if you give Second Chances a shot, you’ll understand how important it is to me.

From Image Comics and by Writer Ricky Mammone, Artist Max Bertolini, and 2021 Ringo Nominee Letterer DC Hopkins, Seconds Chances #3 is out THIS WEDNESDAY 10/27 and it continues to be a triumph!

If you haven’t already, check out my reviews for issues 1 and 2 here and here!

I can’t believe how much I’ve fallen in love with a comic that was made without visual colors on the interiors (beyond black and white, but if you think like me… those aren’t colors :P). Truly, I thought no comic without color could be as good as a comic with color, but it turns out, Second Chances is better than many of the comics with color out there. In fact, I’d wager this series has more color to it than many comics with color do. Second Chances proves that the true color and light in comics are seen through great storytelling and all the brilliant shadows that surround it.

We see this "color" in Mammone’s narration through the self-pitying life of LeBlanc. Stories like this one, loving someone that’s toxic to you, but never being able to fully leave them, can come off as heavily cliche in the worst way possible easily, but the way Mammone write’s LeBlanc’s thought patterns is unlike anything I’ve read in a long time. This third issue makes it feel like this is the first time I’m seeing this cliche, and my heart is feeling the pain, feeling the yearning, and feeling my own past failed loves flood the gates of my soul. It’s a relatable pain that forces you to remember what empathy feels like and keeps you reading even if all you want to do is just sit down, have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, and ruminate on your life as well, alongside LeBlanc.

“Eventually, everyone needs an ally”

We see the great shadows surrounding Mammone’s “color” in Max Bertolini’s art; I absolutely LOVE how he uses shadows and heavy penciling/inking to make every detail shine. Between amazing depths in facial expressions and quick movements in moments of action and bloodshed, there is something for everyone here. You want brutal violence? You got it! You want facial expressions that will rip your heart apart? JENGA! It’s all here and ready to fall into your lap!

Finally, 2021 Ringo Nominee DC Hopkins’ brilliant letters add that magic touch that truly makes Mammone's “colors” shine along with Bertolini’s shadows. Without Hopkins’ letters, LeBlanc’s thoughts would never be truly alive- we could never see them in their full detail. The placement of the text boxes make such an easy flow to read and, well, onto a topic that a good friend of mine likes to talk about, the font is great!

There’s a reason I’m still reviewing this on issue 3. This is not an “I read one issue, liked it, but accidentally forgot it existed” kind of series. This is a series that, every week it comes out, it’s on the top of my pile, and it should be on yours. If you’ve been missing color in your life lately, believe it or not, Second Chances is THE place to start. Second Chances only needed one chance from me and it hasn’t let me down ever since!

Pick up Second Chances #3 THIS WEDNESDAY 10/27 at your local comic shop!

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5 out of 5 Finger Guns

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