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Advance Review: Second Chances #2

Issue 2 of my favorite black and white comic is out this week and let me tell y’all… it’s another banger!

From Image Comics and writer Ricky Mammone, artist Max Bertolini, and letterer DC Hopkins

I have two favorite things about Second Chances:

  1. Leblanc’s flawed humanity and characterization

  2. Leblanc is the best and the worst of us- and he only acknowledges the latter. In a time where we younger generations cope with the worst with self-deprecating humor and refusing to boast about ourselves (unlike older generations), Leblanc is all too relatable. He acknowledges how flawed he is and refuses to see that he can still be good even with all those flaws; yet, he continues to do good constantly. This inner battle of “how much good must one do to truly be good?” is evident and, again, all too timely with us millennials and gen z’s inner morality battle. How can we do better when it never feels like enough? Do we deserve peace if we have that privilege? Should we allow ourselves any kind of privilege in life at all? Rammone does an amazing job writing Leblanc’s thought processes out in a way that is relatable but never too on the nose.

2. The Inking/Shading

  1. My GOD does Bertolini continue to knock it out of the park with the art and man does he make black and white artwork SHINE. The shading and inking he uses to fully immerse us, readers, in each facial expression of each character is unbelievable. At this point, I’d hate to see this line in color- the black and white adds more than it takes away. It’s almost like I can feel the textures in my mind. Regardless, Bertolini- you’ve become my go-to for black and white art!

In addition to these two things, Second Chances continues to bring in the action and feels in a way that makes one reflect on their own life and humanity. I’m 100% still digging this line and can’t recommend it enough. Pick up Second Chances Issue #2 this Wednesday, 9/22!

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