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A Man Among Ye #6 Review


The last issue of A Man Among Ye was a BLAST for me personally! If you haven’t seen my review for the first issue of the second arc yet (Issue #5), check it out here!

While this issue wasn’t as much of a blast for me, it’s still a fun issue that is leading to better things. I just know it!! As the second arc continues, the pirate shenanigans continue in a predictable but still hella fun way!

My biggest complaint about this issue is the number of asshole men I have to “listen” to (I know, we’re reading, but I can hear characters’ voices in my head!) and the way their “big plan” is beyond predictable. But I don’t believe this is poor writing- this is simply writing these men (both pirates and redcoats) as foolish as they are. The best part is that the threat within their “big plan” isn’t even the threat I was focused on this issue. Anne and crew all suspect (and know) that they are basically walking into a trap- but a) it’s not the trap that Jack wants them to fall into and b) they have no choice but to go with it (her, heh) for now. And I mean, why wouldn’t you wanna go with the trap for at LEAST a while, when she looks like THIS:

I mean… my bi ass would fall into this woman any day. Women wreck me and it’s all too easy! I wanna trust her but also.. We all KNOW she has her own agenda and, honestly, as awful as that may be for our protagonists… more power to her! Amira was definitely the highlight of this issue for me. There’s a reason she’s on the cover!!

Tag yourself, I’m the poor bastard on the left

All that said, let's focus on what else was great about this issue! Anne and crew’s banter is fun, as always, and the little bit of action we see in this issue is gruesome and savage, just the way I like it! The art is stunning as always and the pacing helps this issue read well, despite it being a fairly filler issue to me.

A Man Among Ye is still very much the fun pirate story it started out as and this issue is just the beginning of a great setup to a wild ending when this second arch finishes- I just know it! I know Stephanie Phillips has something cookin and I’m starting to see that water boil- slowly but surely. Once it starts boiling, that’s when the real fun is gonna start! Keep sharpening your swords and downing your rum folks- we’ll need it when it all hits in the next few issues!*

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi gives this issue:

3 out of 5 Finger Guns

(because I'm bi)

You can find Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi, Lauren, anywhere and everywhere - Check out her linktree for ALL her links:

*disclaimer: this is 100% just me predicting this. I have not read advance copies of any other issues so I do not -actually- know. Just thought I’d put that out here just in case.

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